After more than 2 years of updates, Assassin's Creed Valhalla's final patch is out today

Female Eivor
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Ubisoft is bidding Eivor and Assassin's Creed Valhalla farewell today, releasing the murderous epic's final patch. It's enjoyed regular patches and meatier updates, as well as a handful of substantial expansions, for more than two years, so it's had a pretty great run. The story itself was concluded back in December, with The Final Chapter, so today's patch is instead focused on squashing bugs and making minor tweaks. 

I've still got the final expansion left to play, as well as a bunch of free quests, so I'm not quite ready to leave Eivor and her clan behind just yet, but I find myself hesitant to finish things up because Valhalla has become one of my faves. I'm excited for Mirage and the return of the more classic style of AC games, but I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the series grow into something so different from its original form. 

Update 1.7.0 is a slim 6.3GB on PC, and Ubisoft has already shared the "most notable" changes coming with it. Here's the list of issues that have been addressed: 

  • The Captain at Katzenelnbogen isn't counted when the kill is confirmed. 
  • Resolved most of the rare instances where Light-Fingered skill prevented the pickup of key items.
  • Eivor's hair can clip through the hood after completing an Animus Anomaly.
  • Previously purchased items are missing from player inventory.
  • The Raven Clan Crew outfit cannot be enhanced or upgraded to a higher quality.
  • The total number of Opals in the inventory doesn't update when picking up an Opal in the world.
  • Resolved the error that occurs when trying to claim the Weekly Free Item.
  • Gear packs still appear in the store when the content of the pack is already owned.
  • Items incorrectly appear as owned in some situations.
  • Korean language cannot be applied via Steam Language tab.
  • It is possible to lose Helix Credits when purchasing the Twilight Set if 5/5 pieces of gear are already owned.
  • Issues with pricing of Helix Store items when redeeming pieces of a full set.
  • On Xbox, when buying Helix Credits through the store, they are not correctly added to the player inventory.
  • In-game pop-ups no longer appear for Shared History and The Last Chapter when launching into the game.
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