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After 15 years, Homestar Runner's Stinkoman 20X6 gets its final level

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Homestar Runner, one of the most resilient web toons on the planet, turned 20 this year, and its most popular spinoff game, Stinkoman 20X6, just got its long-lost tenth level, over 15 years after the release of level 9.

Homestar Runner has been one of the longest running web series ever, and it owes a large part of its success to the era of flash webtoons which also gave us creators like Jonti Picking, alias Weebl. The series eventually spawned Stinkoman 20X6, a fully-fledged 2D Flash platformer. 

A Megaman parody with 9 levels released in episodic format, Stinkoman is the most popular Homestar Runner game, but far from the only one—series creators The Chapman Brothers also made a board game, as well as videogame spin-off Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. The latter was a collaboration with Telltale Games, and led to Homestar Runner character Strong Bad appearing in Telltale's Poker Night at the Inventory. All Homestar Runner games are developed by Videlectrix, the Chapman Brothers' fictional development studio.

Since support for Flash Player will end in just a few weeks, the last Stinkoman level is likely a goodbye to the technology that gave Homestar Runner its break. There are ways to preserve Flash games, at least, thanks to the Flash Games Preservation Project. You can play Stinkoman 20X6 in all of its 10-level glory on the official Homestar Runner website.