Advance Wars inspired tactics game Wargroove shows off full campaign editor and map making tools

We've already caught a few glimpses of Wargroove, the Advance Wars inspired tactics game from Starbound developer Chucklefish, but today at the PC Gaming Show the studio showed off a hands-on demo. In it, we got a first look at its campaign editor, which will give you the tools to build full, multi-stage campaigns—complete with custom levels, dialogue cutscenes, and branching paths to follow.

You can watch the full demo in the video above to see it in action. These custom campaigns and levels will be available to share online, meaning Wargroove could have some serious replayability even after its 12 included campaigns are done. It was also just incredible to see how quickly those tools can enable something to come together. The demo above is only a few minutes long, but there's already a passable level made and a campaign path mapped out.

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Tom Marks
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