Admire a new Witcher sword every month with this delightfully niche wall calendar

The Witcher swords
(Image credit: Kaer Morhen Forge)

Back in February, we learned about swordsmith Artur Wysocki, the operator of Kaer Morhen Forge and the only person who's officially licensed by CD Projekt to forge and sell swords based on The Witcher videogames. They're serious blades, and not cheap: They're made individually on commission, with pricing ranging from €400 ($485) for a basic model to €900 ($1100) for a "master sword"—and that's before extras like runes or scabbards.

If you know someone who'd love some Witcher weaponry in their lives (like, perhaps, yourself) but aren't quite ready to drop that kind of cash on one, Kaer Morhen Forge is also offering a much more reasonably-priced alternative: The Kaer Morhen Forge 2021 calendar.

(Image credit: Kaer Morhen Forge)

It's a conventional 12-month wall calendar with dates hanging below images, but instead of kittens, cars, tranquil scenery, or pictures of all the different Doctors, each new month in this calendar is festooned with a photograph of one of the swords that Wysocki has forged. The Zirael silver sword is in there, along with a customized advanced silver Wolven Sword, Aerondight, and a bunch more that I don't recognize, but that are all very pretty.

Here's a closer look at a few:

It's obviously pretty niche as far as calendars go, but I think it's fair to say that it'd make a clever gift for the serious Witcher fan in your life. Unfortunately, they're only available for a very limited time: The calendars were announced earlier this week, and orders will only be taken until December 6. Wysocki said in an email that he's looking into the possibility of doing a second printing if there's demand for it, but for now that's the date you need to hit if you want to be sure of getting one. 

The calendars go for $27/€23 with shipping included in North America, Europe, and Africa, €31/$36 in Central and South America, Asia, and Oceania, and 70zł in Wysocki's home country of Poland. Instructions for ordering are available on Facebook

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