Addictive Warframe: Fortuna song 'We All Lift Together' is on Bandcamp

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I thought Warframe: Fortuna's weighty anthem was a stylish cover of an existing track, but it's an original composition created for Fortuna, and has been stuck in my head since last week. We're treated to hours of original soundtracks in games, but it's still novel to hear really good songs with words and choruses and everything.

The rousing chant of the oppressed Solaris is available now on Bandcamp (opens in new tab) for a buck, and you can listen to the whole thing in the embed. It's the work of musician Keith Power (opens in new tab). In addition to Warframe scores, he also writes music for Heartland, Magnum PI, Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver.

We're busy grinding our way through Fortuna. Aside from some giant spider robot (opens in new tab) mishaps, it's an absorbing expansion with some beautiful new scenery. If you want to see it from a few hundred feet above you'll need our guide to using the Archwing in Fortuna (opens in new tab). On the ground you'll want to earn some Solaris United standing (opens in new tab). If you're new to this wonderful universe of super-fast space ninjas then you'll find some useful advice in our Warframe beginner's guide (opens in new tab).

Tom Senior

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