Spectacular Warframe bug spawns giant robot spider in player hub

The Fortuna expansion for Warframe was always going to have bugs, but we didn't expect one as large and as literal as this. Players have warped into the expansion's new hub zone to find a colossal robot spider lasering everything. To be clear the hub is supposed to be a peaceful place where players chat to vendors and buy equipment. It is very much a no spider zone.

Multiple players have seen the bug, though we don't exactly know what's causing it quite yet. User OrganicView posted a handful of selfies with the monster on Imgur. User Hanzo535 reported another sighting of the errant Exploiter Orb. ShaveTheWhales even got some footage. You can see the whole video here, but we've included the clip above. 

These monsters, called Orbs, roam the frozen wastes of Warframe's new open-world zone called Orb Vallis. They're meant to be indomitable bosses that show up if you make too much of a ruckus, but somehow one managed to worm its way into the town hub of Fortuna.

The spider seems quite at home moving around in this confined space. How can this even happen? Is it a bug, or a half-finished mission or event? We know that Digital Extremes has plans for those big orb spiders in future updates.

The massive Fortuna expansion is proving to be a lot of fun so far. If you're jumping in, here's a guide to earning Solaris United standing so you can start buying some of the Solaris' finest wares. Want to soar around Orb Vallis looking at the giant robot spiders far below? Steven explains how to use the Archwing in Warframe: Fortuna.

Tom Senior

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