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Activision Blizzard's new CFO is getting awards worth $15 million for taking the job

Dennis Durkin, Activision Blizzard’s new chief financial officer, is getting a bonus worth $15 million for taking the job. The award consists of $11.3 million of stock and an additional $3.75 million in funds. That's in addition to a $900,000 salary and a $1.35 million target bonus.

The publisher’s previous CFO, Spencer Neumann, was fired after negotiating with Netflix, his new employer. Durkin, his replacement, was previously Activision Blizzard’s CFO for five years. Blizzard also lost its CFO last week.  

Nice work if you can get it, though the hire is happening at a tricky time for Activision Blizzard. Shares dropped late last year and reportedly Blizzard employees being paid to leave as part of cost cutting measures. Activision is also set to part with Bungie, and will lose Destiny in the process.

Cheers, Bloomberg

Fraser Brown
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