Action RPG Wolcen receives a huge update

(Image credit: Crytek)

Wolcen was too buggy for our tastes when we reviewed it last year, but the developers' ambitious update plan might just tempt us to revisist the gory Diablo-esque action RPG, and this weekend might be the right time to try. 

Update, aka the Bloodstorm update four new environments—playable in Endgame expeditions, and 13 environment variations, including charming additions such as the "blood-curdling swamp" and "the stagnant graves". There are also 30 new difficulty levels and, perhaps most importantly, pets will now pick up gold for you. Thanks, little guy.

Damage type modifiers have been redesigned, new visual effects have been introduced for skills such as Annihilation, Anomaly, Mark of Impurity, and Tear of Etheliel. Expect new monster animations and significant skill rebalances as well.

The update also adds a bunch of bug fixes, including a fix for performance problems when casting certain buffs and debuffs. There are also fixes for more serious progression problems like an issue for which "dying to the Chapter 1 Boss could softlock the character by making the red portal to enter his arena unclickable."

You can find full details of the patch rollout in the developer's Steam news post. If you fancy something a bit more story-driven, then do check out our list of the best RPGs on PC.

Tom Senior

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