Action MMORPG TERA's five classes detailed


We got to slay our way through some of action-RPG MMO TERA with its developers EnMasse Entertainment on the show floor today. Working together gave us great insight into how each of the classes play, and how they can co-operate to fight more effectively.

There are a few constants across all the classes: when knocked down you can use an ability to jump back to your feet swinging, dealing damage to everyone around you. All damage-focused classes can auto-attack to regenerate mana, while the Priest channels a spell to do the same. Here are the classes in full:


Role: Tank

Weapon: Halberd

High defense

Core Attack: Leaping smash, grabbing AoE aggro from nearby mobs. Also charges with AoE spin and leaps onto fallen enemies with a massive cleave.

Evade Ability: Stab halberd into ground to block incoming attacks

Summary: Stalwart


Type: Melee DPS

Weapon: Two-handed sword

Little defense

Core Attack: Knockdown an enemy--key to group play and works on bosses

Evade Ability: Action roll in a direction to dodge attacks

Summary: Whirlwind


Type: Spellcaster DPS

Weapon: Mind

Little to no defense

Core Attack: Circular AoE in front of caster

Evade Ability: Leap backwards

Summary: Glass cannon


Type: Melee DPS

Weapon: Two swords

Core Attack: Rapid-fire attacks on one target

Low defense

Evade Ability: Action roll in a direction to dodge attacks

Summary: Tommy gun


Type: Healer

Weapon: Hands

Core Attack: Shoots healing, either as bolts (that must hit target) or by creating circles on the ground (smaller circle for more powerful healing, or large circle for weaker healing). Can also resurrect in combat.

Little to no defense

Evade Ability: Teleport

Summary: Sniper of life