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Action-adventure Fimbul gets a release date, celebrates with new trailer

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Wild River and Zaxis Games have released a new gameplay trailer for Fimbul, their new Norse action-adventure game, as well as a release date for next month.

Fimbul will see you playing as Elder berserker Kveldulver, who has been resurrected by the Norns following his untimely death at the hands of bandits. It seems that the Fimbul Winter has arrived, signalling Ragnarok, the end of the world. Of course, Kveldulver must quest to destroy the Jotun giants and avert the apocalypse.

You can check out the announcement trailer, above, which immediately puts me in mind of an icy Ashen, with the art style and muted colours. Even the combat looks similar—at least, insofar as you're using a one-handed weapon and shield—although admittedly, Fimbul looks a lot more bloody.

As well as appearing to have a lot of emphasis on combat, the story will depend largely on player decisions. There are a number of narrative branches to uncover and thanks to the goddess that resurrected him, Kveldulver will be able to go back to pivotal moments and experience different outcomes. Various Items, weapons, and talents will also be available to strengthen Kveldulver, helping him overcome various bosses throughout the game.

Fimbul is set for release on February 28. Meanwhile, you can check out the Steam page or have a look at the handful of screenshots, below.

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