How to find the tallest tree and the Spider clue in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

AC Valhalla tallest tree in dublin
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Looking for the tallest tree in Dublin in Valhalla? The tree itself may be fairly easy to spot but the Spider clue located here can be a bit trickier to locate. You'll also need to have completed the first clue to unlock the second. As you're here, I'll assume you've done that part already. If not never fear, the first Spider clue is also covered further down.

Just like Valhalla's Order of the Ancients from the main story, the Wrath of the Druids DLC introduces its own new Order. That means Eivor needs to discover the identity of each cult member and assassinate them. Luckily, there are clues to help you uncover each one. But if you're stumped looking for the second Spider clue located near the Valhalla tallest tree in Dublin, this guide has you covered.

AC Valhalla tallest tree in Dublin: How to find the second Spider clue

Before you go hunting for this clue, make sure you've first uncovered the hint by completing the Drinking Champion Challenge (more on that below). Once this first step has been completed, you can find the second Spider clue under the 'Order' tab in the menu. It reads:

"Investigate in the vicinity of the tallest tree in Dublin."

The tree is hard to miss and is located in the northeast corner of Dublin, just north of Skall's Rest. There's a lot of stuff littered around the area, from standing stones to pagan artifacts. You're looking for a note on a bench next to the fence that surrounds the tree. 

This clue reveals the identity of the Spider and you'll find them right there in Dublin. Happy hunting!

Where to find the drinking champion 

The first Spider clue isn't too difficult to figure out:

"Defeat the drinking champion found in Dublin's alehouse."

Simply head to the synchronization point in the middle of Dublin and locate the crossed drinking horns symbol on the map, slightly southwest. Once you've made your way there, challenge the drinking champion until he reveals the second clue that takes you to Dublin's tallest tree.

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