Planetary landings are coming to Elite: Dangerous later this month

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David Braben, the top man at Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier Developments, will be holding a livestreamed Q&A session on YouTube Gaming at 6 pm UK time (that's 1 pm EST and 10 am PST) today—and yes, that means it's underway now. Frontier also said it will be making a "wee announcement" during the stream, although it offered no clue as to what it could be.

My guess is that it will relate to planetary exploration, which the studio said in a lengthy video released in October will be "starting soon." Blasting through the wide open blackness of space is obviously the heart and soul of Elite: Dangerous, but bombing around on planetary surfaces looks like it will be a lot of fun too. It's expected to come out sometime this winter as part of the Horizons expansion, which will set you back $45/£30. That's not cheap for an expansion, although Frontier noted at PAX Prime in September that it covers "an entire season of expansions," and not just planetary landings.

If you miss the livestream, an archived version will be available immediately after it wraps up.

Update: The big news is out: The Horizons Planetary Landings beta will begin on November 24. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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