A remake of the first Atelier game is coming to Steam in summer 2023

The original entry in the now-quite-widespread Atelier series is being remade for the latest generation of gaming, as Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg will be released in Summer 2023 by series developers Gust and Koei Tecmo. Like many games in the series recently it'll be coming to Steam.

The announcement was made during last week's Nintendo direct, with the information that it's coming to platforms other than Switch released via Koei Tecmo's website. The short japanese-only trailer will be followed up by a live presentation about the game on February 20th.

The Atelier series games are known for their take on crafting and collecting, where combinations of ingredients of different quality are added in minigames that create items. Combining different ingredients in new ways allows you to create more powerful and useful items.

The Atelier series has gotten quite popular on PC in the past few years, with publisher Koei Tecmo having now ported 14 of the 24 games, or their definitive edition re-release, in the series to Steam. Atelier Marie, however, has never gotten an official English version—though a fan-translation of the PS2 release does exist. 

Atelier Marie follows the story of Marie, a young alchemy student in the city of Salburg who is given one chance to salvage her failing grades: Five years, and a workshop, to make something that impresses her teachers.

Atelier Marie

(Image credit: Gust Co Ltd and Koei Tecmo)

Koei's official website describes it as a "carefree, cozy RPG adventure," which just about suits most of the series and its primary appeal. It's pretty well known for having seven distinct endings based on the player's choices during the game, ranging from becoming a fantasy hero to a scholarly researcher.

Atelier Marie doesn't yet have a Steam page, but you can find the entirety of the Atelier series on PC so far on Koei Tecmo's Atelier Series Steam list. Most of the Atelier games are part of a two or three game arc with similar characters set in the same place, so any single game may or may not be dependent on another for its story.

Koei Tecmo has a website set up for Atelier Marie, but it's quite sparse, mostly pointing towards an update to come on February 20th. That'll take place via a YouTube livestream, though we don't yet know if it'll have English translation available.

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