A new Middle-earth: Shadow of War cinematic reveals the Blade of Galadriel

A new Middle-earth: Shadow of War cinematic unveiled today at the PC Gaming Show at E3 turned the spotlight on the Blade of Galadriel, a powerful Elf assassin who will be playable in one of the game's two planned expansions. 

The Blade of Galadriel has been sent to Mordor "to hunt down the Nazgul, and hunt down anyone corrupted by a Ring of Power," Monolith's Michael de Plater explained. That sets her and Talion off to what you might call an inauspicious start, as it turns out that she's actually killed him, at least in part to test the truth of the tales that when he dies, he is reborn. 

Having seen the evidence with her own eyes, she's convinced, but still not entirely impressed. She's also able to see the spirit of Celebrimbor, the Elf lord who shares Talion's body—a neat and unexpected trick. (And she doesn't seem overly impressed by him, either.)

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is slated for release on October 10. Don't miss our hands-on preview from last month, in which James murders an Uruk bard who only wanted to sing. Watch the cinematic above and the full interview from the show below:

Andy Chalk

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