A new Humankind video demonstrates how your cities and empire will grow

Humankind is an upcoming strategy game from Endless Legend developer Amplitude Studios that bears more than a passing resemblance to the strategy mega-series Civilization. Like the Civ games, players in Humankind must establish cities and expand them outward, claiming territory in order to amass resources and power. But the process of pushing outward in Humankind will be a little different than it is in Civilization.

In Endless Legend, the map is divided into distinct regions that are claimed when players build cities within them. Humankind will expand upon that concept with "dynamic" territories, some of which will be on the map from the beginning, and others that players will assemble over the course of the game. 

Another new addition in Humankind are "outposts" that enable players to claim regions, but unlike cities cannot be expanded or developed. Outposts will not be particularly durable, which will likely make them points of heavy conflict, but if they can be maintained they can eventually be converted into cities, or assimilated into an adjacent city.

"The idea of the dynamic territories is to lead the player to build fewer cities, but bigger and bigger, and to reflect the big megalopolises that exist nowadays. We wanted to keep within the city a trace of history, a trace of the player's journey and an echo of the different cultures he chooses and plays in his session," lead game designer Maxence Voleau explains in the video. To help foster that feeling, "Emblematic Quarters" in cities will maintain their original visual appearance, even as the city as a whole grows and modernizes.

The more unified approach to growth isn't the only way that Humankind aims to be different from Civilization: It's also taking a different approach to leaders by enabling customized rather than historical leaders, and putting a priority on their fame, rather than the dominance of their people.

Humankind is expected to be out later this year. You can find out more about what's in store in our October preview.

Andy Chalk

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