A new Armored Core is apparently in the works

Armored Core V
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It has been long-rumoured that FromSoftware is developing a new Armored Core game. Now, a ResetErathread from the weekend created by one Red Liquorice shows a snippet of text reportedly contained within a consumer survey around a new instalment in the mecha shooter series. It shows that Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki is at the helm, with the game offering "a massive and three-dimensional map" with "an array of challenging enemies and carefully crafted situations that are worth taking on again and again."

According to Liquorice, the "boss fight looked quite Soulsy," writing in a follow-up post how "the player character in a white mech went in close to the bigger robot boss and fought with like an energy or laser sword, this looked Souls-style." By their own admission, Red Liquorice has never played an Armored Core game but said how "the vastness of the architecture" also reminded them of Dark Souls.

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"The survey listed a choice of titles for the game, so I guess that hasn't been decided on yet," they continued. "Most of them were Armored Core: [Something], including just 'Armored Core' and both AC:6, AC:VI, and other subtitles I can't remember. Some of the choices didn't include AC in the name at all."

The thread has now been updated with screenshots, though they've been partially obscured in an attempt to hide information identifying Liquorice. Most of them are still fairly easy to parse—mechs flying and shooting through snowy landscapes, a few threatening-looking enemy mechs and plenty of bullets and explosions. According to the leaker, the survey also had two gameplay videos that were roughly 30 seconds each, one showing off a boss battle and another showing some more gameplay around the aforementioned snowy area. I've asked for further confirmation of the screenshots and videos and will update if I hear back.

To the relief of some Armored Core fans, the screenshots make it look closer to the classic style rather than one that leans heavily into Soulslike territory, which has become FromSoftware's bread and butter. Though the screenshots have everyone pretty hyped up at this point, it's still worth taking things with a pinch of salt. With Elden Ring still over a month away, there's a good chance we won't be getting any official announcements for a while.

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