A Game of Dwarves trailer goes down "a darrrk, darrrrk hooole"

[VAMS id="8aUbt777z5wX3"]

A Game of Dwarves (or "Dwarrrrrves!") is suddenly looking a lot like Dungeon Keeper. The trailer above presents the first moving pictures of Paradox' new management sim (the first screens landed last week). Your role as invisible floaty god-force is to lead your clan of dwarves to prosperity, instructing them to build labyrinthine mines to safely progress through each randomised section of the underworld.

Each dwarf in your crew can be specialised differently. Master craftsmen can build your leader a glorious throne room and warriors can protect them. There are monsters underground, of course, and the deeper you dig the more your risk unearthing the really nasty ones. More details are sure to arrive soon, but for now you can check out the new Game of Dwarves section of the Paradox site.

Tom Senior

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