A full, 4K remaster of TimeSplitters 2 was hidden inside Homefront: The Revolution

TimeSplitters 2
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Homefront: The Revolution's hidden TimeSplitters 2 remake apparently included far more than the two levels we already knew about. Unfortunately, it seems the keys to access the full game were lost years ago in a Discord ban.

That revelation came courtesy of former Crytek developer Matt Phillips, responding to ex-Vlambeer designer JW Nijman's call for developers to share easter eggs they'd hidden in games. There are some beauties in there too, from The Division's ninja turtles to Dragon Age 2's giant cheese wheel.

But as Eurogamer spotted, Phillips replied with the suggestion that much more of Homefront's TimeSplitters throwback was intended to be playable—in native 4K, no less.

Fully-featured really did mean fully featured, too: "I ported the network stack to ride on top of HF:TR's co-op mode. If, and that's a big if, anyone was able to hack two or more arcades into one of the co-op maps, it'll boot to the multiplayer menu."

Don't bother trying to hunt down the access code, though. Not even Phillips has it written down anymore. The developer did hand it to a friend, once—but the suggestion that Homefront included all of TimeSplitters 2 was apparently so unbelievable that a Discord server banned their account.

"The unlock code has been lost to time, I don't have the notebook with it in any more. I once gave it to a friend to leak in some Discord channel and they called him a liar and banned his account."

Unfortunate, too, considering THQ Nordic has no plans to remaster the 2002 classic. But if you're looking for a Timesplitters fix, fan-developed throwback mod Timesplitters Rewind is still ticking along quietly in its aim to modernize all three original games.

Now that it's public knowledge, let's hope some enterprising hacker can finally unlock the 4K remaster we deserve tucked away inside Homefront.

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