A Death Stranding Director's Cut is on the way, and might contain some Metal Gear Solid stuff

Death Stranding Director's Cut
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

PC Gamer's 2020 Game of the Year Death Stranding is getting an update in a Director's Cut edition, with the full reveal due "weeks away" according to Geoff Keighley, who revealed the news via a trailer that revealed next to nothing about what to expect. 

The video contained nonstop references to Kojima's old Konami series. The trailer opened on Norman Reedus's character Sam Porter Bridges checking out a subterranean facility, with some Metal Gear Solid music playing in the background. Soldiers wandered a grid of cargo, much like the opening of Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses stage. 

Sam finds a box, dumps out the oranges, and looks like he's going to climb under it as Solid Snake does, but instead flips it and climbs into the top before going fetal. 

So, what the hell did we learn here? You tell me. 

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