A brand new Commandos game is in development

(Image credit: Kalypso Media)

Back in 2018, Tropico publisher Kalypso Media announced it was resurrecting Commandos, the sneaky real-time tactics series. It started with a remaster of Commandos 2, which arrived in January, but Kalypso also promised new games. Now it's following through, announcing that Claymore Game Studios, one of the publisher's internal developers, has started work on the next Commandos. 

We don't even know the title yet, so it's still early days, and neither Kalypso or Claymore are giving much away. 

"We are very pleased to confirm that we managed to have both the core team and our new offices up-and-running within this short timeframe," says studio director Jürgen Reusswig. "We have started development and we’re looking forward to adding more talented staff to our team in the coming months and thereby offering the chance to become an integral part of making an iconic strategy game."

Hopefully the new game fares better than the remaster, which currently has a mixed rating on Steam thanks to the amount of bugs that were present at launch. It was also criticised for removing German and Japanese iconography, which may have something to do with Kalypso being based in Germany, where until recently Nazi symbols ensured a videogame wouldn't get a rating.

Claymore is still recruiting, so it will probably be some time until we hear about a release date. I still wish Shadow Tactics developer Mimimi Games was working on it, as its Japanese tactics game is the closest anyone has gotten to replicating the magic of Commandos, but the new studio might still prove to be the perfect choice.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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