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The subject of digital board games can be a divisive one, depending on who you ask. To some PC players, board games aren't cool enough. To other traditional tabletop-ers, virtual adaptations are sacrilege. Games such as Catan VR and Terraforming Mars leverage on-screen tutorials, online multiplayer, and cross-platform play, among other neat user-friendly features - all of which blur the lines between the physical and digital board game experience with wonderful results.       

Need more convincing? Here are eight reasons to play digital board games on PC. 

Tutorials make learning the rules easy

Leafing through screeds of rulebook text is a thing of the past with digital board games on PC and mobile. User-friendly, intuitive on-screen tutorials let players learn as they go, which keeps games flowing from start to finish. For games such as Scythe and Pathfinder, this is a considerable advantage. 

Cross-platform play between smartphones and PC

Asmodee Digital's games feature on a number of platforms - from PC to Mac, iOS to Android. Catan VR variation, for example, features on all four, and players can take on one another using whichever device they prefer. Few publishers offer this opportunity. 

Online leaderboards

What better way to one-up your digital board game friends by keeping tabs on your performance? Tabletop adaptations let you peruse your game history and ranking progress. Likewise, online leaderboards let you appreciate the competition - and outline how far or close you fly to the best players.   

The single sign-in

Another specific advantage of playing Asmodee Digital’s games in particular is the fact that an Asmodee.net account grants you universal access to your game library, and a number of exclusive features. Register your Days of Wonder board game, for example, or enter exclusive events for bespoke and tailored content. The single sign-on is your one stop gateway to the Asmodee universe.

Buddy lists 

Digital board gaming with friends has never been easier with Asmodee's buddy lists. No matter your platform of choice, using your favourite games' app, or via its website's "my buddies" section, lets you hook up with pals across the globe at the touch of a button.  

Game lobbies

And while you might prefer playing with your nearest and dearest - why not make some new friends along the way? In Carcassonne, for example, players can play privately with friends or publicly with players around the world. Chat with new faces in game lobbies and compete for achievements recorded on the aforementioned leaderboards. 

Wide variety

The catalogue of great digital board games is huge, and continues to grow. Asmodee Digital, for example, has a community of over 700,000 players across 30 iconic games, including: Ascension, Carcassonne, Onirim, Jaipur, Talisman, Agricola, Pandemic, Ticket to ride, Splendor, Catan VR, and more. 

New ways to enjoy the classics

The classics are classics for a reason, and no one can question the enduring appeal of physical tabletops. The digital versions of the greats, available on PC and mobile, however, offer new ways to enjoy board games in the modern age. Visit fantasy realms, foreign planets, and mock ups of real-world locations from the comfort of your home—against players from all over the globe.