5 things left over from the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks we haven't seen yet

Close-up of a masked man and woman holding guns as they enter a convenience store during a robbery
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A number of things from the massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak last year showed up in Rockstar's first official trailer this week. We know the setting, the main characters, and the overall vibe of the developer's next crime epic. But there are plenty of things still rumored to show up in GTA 6 that didn't fit into the one and a half minute trailer.

Given how much of the over 50 minutes of in-development footage resembles the kind of game we saw in the trailer, it's possible we already know what Rockstar will show us next. Game development is an extremely iterative process where ideas are tested and thrown out all the time, however, so don't expect everything in the leaks and reporting to be true for the full release.

Here's what was confirmed by the trailer this week and what else we can expect to see in future trailers as we near its 2025 release.

What we know

A playable female main character

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The very first line in the trailer makes it clear: Lucia is at least one of the stars of GTA 6. Oddly, it was one of the least surprising things to see in the trailer after Bloomberg published a report that said the game will feature a Latina protagonist last July. She also seems to be the character you can see in the leaked footage that came out a month later. But despite her prominence in the trailer, we still don't know much about her and whether or not she'll share the stage with the mystery man she seems to be partnered up with. 

It's set in Florida and the surrounding areas

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Bloomberg's report also told us that GTA 6 would finally return to Miami, the setting for 2002's GTA: Vice City. But as we saw in the trailer, Miami isn't the only one part of Florida that we'll visit in the game. Everything from the bayous to the rural outskirts of the state make an appearance, suggesting that the game will have a similar scope to the massive map in Red Dead Redemption 2—if not bigger. 

What we don't know 

A second playable main character 

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Perhaps the biggest question coming out of the trailer this week is the identity of the man paired with Lucia in several scenes and the game's key art. Bloomberg's report described the game as having a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, and that you will play as another character alongside Lucia. That man might be Jason, a character the player in the leaked footage swapped to. He looks very similar to the guy in the trailer, but fans have pointed out that he sounds a little different. Whether or not he's playable remains to be seen, but it's safe to say he'll be an important part of the story. 

GTA RP support 

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Rockstar bought the team of developers who turned GTA 5 into a role-playing phenomenon on Twitch last year. Their mod, FiveM, lets you join unofficial GTA RP servers and play as NPCs, like a taxi driver or a paramedic. It inserts a ton of custom things into the game that aren't normally in GTA Online, and major streamers have showcased the kind of ridiculous stories you can create with it.

Nobody knows what the developers of FiveM are doing at Rockstar and if we'll see anything resembling the mod in GTA 6 online. Kick streamer Adin Ross spoke with someone who claims to have info on the game a few weeks ago⁠—this source claimed that GTA RP would be an official part of the game, but we really only have their word to go on. 

Live service updates

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GTA Online became Rockstar's own live service game within a game with regular updates and new activities to keep players logging in. Bloomberg's report claimed that GTA 6 will work the same way and will add "new missions and cities on a regular basis." The massive success of GTA Online makes this seem almost guaranteed to be how GTA 6 will work, but it also seems like something Rockstar won't bother getting into until much closer to its 2025 release date. 

More interior locations 

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It feels like everytime Rockstar releases a game people want to be able to enter more buildings in the open world. With everything on the outside so intricately rendered, the next natural step would be to expand the amount of interior locations you can visit. Rockstar hasn't explicitly said if this will be true and the trailer is far too short to be able to tell what is or isn't representative of where you can go in the actual game. The leaked footage doesn't tell us much about this either, but Bloomberg's report said there will be "more interior locations than previous Grand Theft Auto games." 

The story 

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At some point in GTA 6, Lucia goes to jail, and then she breaks out. At least that's what the trailer suggests with the tiny bits of dialogue and imagery we have to work with. This lines up with what the leaker on Ross' streamer said. According to them, Lucia will abandon a child at a deli to join a bank robbery, get arrested, and break out in the opening hours of the game. There are clues in the trailer that line up with this summary. Lucia is wearing a prison uniform in one scene and kicks open a door during a robbery in another. The leaked footage also saw her in what could be an early version of a deli as the cops arrive. Without context though, it's hard to say if these scenes are representative of the story or just side missions you can go on in the full game. 

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