48GB of Star Citizen assets leaked

Star Citizen

Star Citizen has seen a sizeable leak of unreleased resources to a few members of the public, after a community manager posted a partial URL in a screenshot. Someone guessed the rest and... well.

Around 48GB of work in progress assets have been acquired by — at least — a couple of people outside Cloud Imperium Games, and though the guessed link has now been shut down by CIG, the assets are Out There.

People have thus been loading the assets up in Cryengine, seeing as that's what Star Citizen is being made in, and looked around. This has resulted in things like this:

Things might look a bit off or wrong in the assets leaked, but that's likely down to CIG using its own bespoke in-house toolset rather than the game itself looking rubbish.

Anyway, Star Citizen has — at the time of writing — raked in some $83 million. My word.