4 years after its final patch, Chrono Trigger on PC is getting a new update with 21:9 support

The venerable Square RPG Chrono Trigger debuted on PC in February 2018, and the port's reception at the time was not good. Patches changed the picture dramatically, however, and it now holds a "very positive" ranking on Steam across more than 5,000 user reviews. The final update arrived in August 2018, five months later, and everyone seemed satisfied—but now it appears that there's another final patch on the way.

Word of the patch comes by way of a trailer posted to the Square Enix YouTube channel. The video is in Japanese but a Gematsu translation says the update will add full-screen support for aspect ratios up to 21:9, "improved operability," increased auto-battle speed, more save slots, and an "extras" section added to the smartphone version of the game. It's not completely clear whether that last point will apply to the Steam version of Chrono Trigger, but it could: The Steam release, as we noted when it came out, is a port of the mobile game. 

There's nothing about the new patch on either Square Enix's English-language YouTube channel or the Chrono Trigger Steam page, but the video indicates that the update is headed to Steam and smartphones. The patch is set to go live on March 11. I've reached out to Square Enix for more information and will update if I receive a reply.

Andy Chalk

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