3DMark and other Futuremark benchmarks selling for cheap

If you've always wanted to benchmark your PC like the pros but didn't feel like forking over big bucks for full versions of 3DMark, VRMark, and PCMark 10, we have good news. Futuremark has partnered with Newegg to offer deep discounts on the Advanced versions of each benchmark.

All three are freely available as Basic Editions. However, the Advanced Editions unlock additional features for more in-depth testing and analysis. For example, the Advanced Edition of 3DMark gives you access to running the DirectX 12 Time Spy benchmark at 4K. It also unlocks a couple of other benchmarks, lets you compared Vulkan and DX12 overheat, allows for using custom settings, has a built-in stress test, and generates interactive performance graphs.

The Advanced Edition usually goes for $30, but is on sale for $4.50. You can grab it here.

Likewise, the Advanced Edition of VRMark unlocks an additional benchmark and lets you input custom settings. It also offers detailed results and hardware monitoring charts. This one usually goes for $20, but is on sale for $4. You can buy it here.

Finally, for measuring general purpose and productivity performance, there is PCMark 10. Like the other two, upgrading from the free version to the Advanced Edition gives you the ability to configure custom parameters, and includes detailed hardware monitoring graphs. It usually goes for $30, but is on sale for $15. You can get it here.

The sale runs through November 13.

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Paul Lilly

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