2Dark trailer sneaks out ahead of next week's release

Stealth-horror-adventure-hyphen-generator 2Dark is out next week, because the god of new game releases can't give us even a week's break, I mean c'mon. It's a top-down adventure in which a grizzled detective named Mr. Smith has to rescue abducted children from a series of evil people, in a series of grisly dwellings, in the chirpily titled city of Gloomywood. You'll sneak, you'll have to escort kids about, you'll try to avoid nasty traps, and you'll inevitably have to fight with those horrible abductors—and pretty much all of those things are shown off in the latest trailer, below.

It's our first proper look at 2Dark, this strange, seemingly pretty novel game that mixes survival horror with stealth, and that rather boldly puts the maligned escort mission front and centre. I'm interested to see how it reviews next week, for 2Dark releases on March 10—you'll be able to find it on Steam here, should you so desire.

If you'd like to delve a bit deeper into the development process while you wait, have a gander at this recent dev diary, which more than anything makes me envious of developer Gloomywood's studio environment, with its lovely marble desks and moody lighting:

Tom Sykes

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