2018 in silly back page jokes

October 2018: Hypnospace Outlaw

Phil: Pip made this and it is good, although I never did find out why "butthole" was in her in-game search history.

Samuel: Great work by John. I always like fun design-y ones. I don't know anything about Hypnospace Outlaw, but I know what shit old internet looks like. 

Pip: GREAT WORK BY JOHN??? *I* built this highly competent web page with the sweat of my brow and the clicking of my fingers! My web design skills peaked in the nineties and I will not be giving up credit for them easily! Also the real PCG website needs more trophies and blood spatters. You should get on that, STAT.

Samuel: Sorry Pip. I should've read Phil's part first. You did fine work and I am shamed. In fairness, I'd already read one million words today because these All Overs have so many.

Phil: I'm not apologising for putting words in a magazine. That's how the influencers win.

November 2018: Anno 1800

Samuel: Nice work. The Friends font alone makes this a highlight for me. I'm sure the many words are good, too. 

Phil: You don't get to shoehorn a reference to The Lightning Seeds into your All Over by being economical with words, Sam. In a staggering display of self-indulgence, I wrote my end-of-year director's cut commentary into the joke itself, in the 'About Ubisoft' paragraph.

Pip: While the best Friends parody will always be CHUMS from the UK Saturday magazine show SMTV Live (opens in new tab), this is a solid reference via typefaces. Is this a good time to confess that I would play this game?

December 2018: Forza Horizon 4

Phil: I love the Forza Horizon series, but tonally, they're all a mess. The upside to this is I can always channel that mess into a series of jokes. 

Samuel: Crikey, so many words. When is 'ARSEHOLE!' ever not funny to see in big type, though?

Phil: It annoys me that the bottom-left letter crops around the date. Why would an in-joke newspaper leave space for a page element that only exists outside of the fiction of the joke!? Although clearly it doesn't annoy me enough to actually have done anything about it.

Pip: You should write in and complain. That would sort out next month’s All Over.