16 years later, Runescape's most iconic quest gets a sequel

Runescape's Dragon Slayer quest is now 16 years old—approximately the same age I was when I completed it. After Old School Runescape's most recent update, it now has a proper sequel titled—wait for it—Dragon Slayer 2. 

Dragon Slayer 2 taps into the circumstances of the original quest and returns to the island of Crandor, once besieged by the dread dragon Elvarg. Of course, it's also considerably harder. It's one of Old School Runescape's few grandmaster-level quests and comes with steep challenges, chief among them completing dozens of other quests and, ultimately, slaying Vorkath and Galvek, level 392 and 608 dragons respectively. (For reference, Elvarg was level 83.) 

What do you get for completing Dragon Slayer 2? Access to the new Myths' Guild, for starters, where you can craft the new Wrath Runes. And after clearing the quest, Vorkath becomes available as a normal, level 732 boss packing unique drops like the dragonbone necklace and dragon bolts. You can watch Runescape streamer Adam 'B0aty' Lyne complete the quest and kill Vorkath here: 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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