10 Second Ninja is getting a sequel and remaster combo

10 Second Ninja X

I love the purity of 10 Second Ninja. It's a unique, simple concept executed without fuss: you have 10 seconds to clear a nightmarish level of platforms, traps and baddies. Go. Technically you can complete the game's 40 levels in just shy of seven minutes—but you won't.

10 Second Ninja X is a sequel and remaster all in one, featuring a set of 60 new panic-inducing levels which, once beaten, unlock the original 40 levels remastered in 1080p.

There's also a new story that is, erm, allowed in Germany this time. 10 Second Ninja's Robo-Hitler was not deemed an acceptable boss. Joining that is a marathon mode which will feature each area's levels stuck back-to-back for the best in speedrunner bait.

We're told to expect it some time in summer.