Witcher 2 REDKit modding tools released early, officially out Monday

Yesterday morning, the site for the Witcher 2's official modding tools, REDKit, accidentally went live for a brief period of time. The domain was quickly put under password protection, but direct links to the files themselves were still available for some time afterward, and are currently circulating in peer-to-peer channels. CD Projekt RED has clarified that the files were not meant to be available until Monday, but those who have already downloaded them are free to start going to town.

"Just a word of clarification.... We were running some tests on the website and it went public for a brief moment," Community Manager Marcin Momont explained on the official forums . "Those of you who have downloaded the REDkit files—have fun—they are official so don't worry!"

Polygon reports that the direct links were finally killed due to "poor performance," and that CD Projekt plans to go live with new ones on Monday for the official release. It's currently still possible to get the released files from someone else who downloaded them, but as always, be cautious about the source. There are likely to be fake versions lurking around infected with malware and other nastiness that won't enhance your modding experience.

Oh, and there's a new trailer for REDKit, which you can have a look at way back at the top, there. If you're hoping to see what some modders have already done in the closed beta for the toolset, look no further than this batch of screens .

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