Thief E3 trailer shows a man who likes to steal things

And... We're off. E3 may not be until next week, but the E3 trailers are already slipping out from the shadows, trying to pinch precious minutes of our attention. Square Enix are going retro with their Thief trailer, all the way back to last year, when bows were the show's weapon de rigueur. Let us steal it from its unsecured YouTube box, and hide it away in the post below.

That's right, the protagonist of the game Thief admits that stealing is his way of life. Revelatory!

I'm looking forward to seeing what Eidos Montreal have planned for their Thief resurrection; I have to admit I'm less interested in seeing an artistic abstraction of those plans.

Still, at least we can kick off the official E3 trailer tally:

  • Bows: 1

  • Goths : 1

  • Meaningful footage of an upcoming video game: 0

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