The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt trailer shows carefully choreographed combat

Phil Savage

Set aside your disappointment that the new Witcher 3 trailer doesn't show any game footage. While I'm usually pretty ambivalent towards CGI trailers, this one is... well, to be honest, it's unintentionally hilarious. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a comedy quick zoom into the near-demented face of an attacking guard.

Top stuff, despite the overly clichéd damsel set-up.

Unfortunately, we learn almost nothing about the game, beyond the fact that it will apparently include "Who are the real monsters?" ambiguity. It's the monsters. Obviously.

That said, previous Witcher games could always back up the moral hand-wringing with nuance (and a sprinkling of batshit lore), so there's little reason to fear that this will be any different. Certainly, past looks suggest the game is on course to be one of the most exciting RPGs of next year.

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