The Witcher 3 trailer shows a world in which everything is on fire

Phil Savage

Despite being expectedly awful, the VGX awards did at least herald a new stampeded of gaming trailers and announcements. At the head of that pack was No Man's Sky , which charged through the wilderness on the back of a procedurally generated spaceship. Telltale confidently filled out the herd with two new additions to their family : Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. But by far the prettiest beast on show was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The prettiest, and the most on fire.

Striking stuff. But a ship made from the claws of dead men? Er, guys, dead men don't have claws. They have fingernails. Gross.

Disgusting fingernail ships aside, The Witcher 3 is primed to be one of the most exciting games of next year. The series made a huge jump in quality between the first and second titles, despite some lingering combat quirks. From what Tom Senior has seen of the upcoming open-world sequel, there's every reason to believe that it will take another significant step.

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