The best Witcher 3 mods

Christopher Livingston

Witcher 3 Geralt

Once again, modders are hard at work enhancing a game that's only just arrived on PC. The Witcher 3 may be barely a week old, but we've already found a few mods you can use to improve your visuals and tweak your gameplay.

Since The Witcher 3 is still being patched regularly, new patches may render certain mods incompatible. Make sure you read the version notes for each mod before installing them to ensure they're compatible with the latest patch.

We're sure there are plenty more mods on the way, so we'll be updating this piece regularly. Here are the best mods—so far—for The Witcher 3.

Hunter's Config

Witcher Mod

Hunter's Config is a nifty utility to tweak all of your Witcher 3 settings, even those hidden ones you can't access from the game's menu. It even includes a utility for backing up your configuration files and a button to install or unintall SweetFX.


Witcher Mod

It's no secret many aren't happy with how TW3 looks compared to E3 footage and screenshots, and the E3FX mod aims to bridge that gap. Featuring custom tools for sharpening, bloom, and desaturated colors, it gives TW3 a colder look more in alignment with the early footage.

Fantasy Graphics

Witcher Mod

On the other hand, you might be interested in a more lush and colorful look. The Fantasy Graphics mod removes some of the bluish tint from the game and makes some tweaks to the lighting to provide more of a high fantasy look.

Weight Limit mod

Witcher 3

Many players are finding Geralt's low carry weight overly restrictive, with their pockets constantly stuffed with items yet not much worth selling. The Weight Limit mod lets you crank carry weight up to 9999 if you so please, or at least to smaller amounts like 120 if you don't want to go completely nuts. Alternately, you can scale the weight of the items themselves with another weight limit mod.

Increased Creature Loot

Witcher Mod

The game may be called Wild Hunt, but hunting creatures and monsters isn't a great way to make a living. If you're tired of bagging a bunch of deer and walking away with little to show for it, the Increased Creature Loot mod will up your chances of animals dropping meat, hide, and other ingredients.

Wealthy Vendors

Witcher Mod

It's annoying to cart a load of loot into town and find a vendor so poor he can't afford to buy it all. This Wealthy Vendors mod gives vendors some deeper pockets, and gently encourages them to pay you more for your goods.

Extreme Weather Mod

Witcher Mod

The Extreme Weather mod ups the ferocity of TW3's storms, with more thunder and lightning, stronger winds, darker clouds, and heavier rainstorms.

Full Key Rebinding

Witcher Mod

While you can change keymapping for a number of TW3's controls, the Full Key Rebinding mod allows for even more flexibility, including remapping the WASD keys.

More Horses mod

Witcher Mod

The More Horses mod doesn't really add more horses, but lets you change the appearance of Roach, Geralt's trusy steed. If you're bored by Roach's plain brown color, you can now give him a paint job: choose from either black or white.

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