The Best Free Games of the Week

Tom Sykes


Oh, so you like free games, do you? Here, have all the free games in the world. Or at least, quite a lot of them – this week's column has over 100 gratis goodies for your perusal. Read on for a non-dodgy game torrent, some very metal gear, a particularly frightful house, and two other things , the details of which have been withheld for reasons of intrigue. Are you suitably intrigued? Good, then I'll join you after the break.

The Pirate Bay Bundle by Various Artists

Download it here

I miss a lot of games when I'm compiling this column, so I'm very grateful to people like Moshboy , who has curated this collection of “one hundred small, weird, free (mostly ignored) videogames that you probably haven't played made by well over one hundred passionate game makers”. There's some terrific stuff in here, including the explosive, if a little tasteless, Soul Jelly. There's also Cat Show, a hilarious WarioWare-esque adventure where you pretend to be a human pretending to be a cat. Annoyingly, The Pirate Bay is blocked by my service provider so I'm unable to download the main collection, but if you're similarly afflicted you can find a list of the included games here , along with links to download them individually. The following video will let you know what you're in for.

Metal Gear GB by Andrei Mishanin

Play it online here

Andrei Mishanin has demade the Metal Gear series into one sidescrolling Game Boy-style title, using lovely tetrachromatic pixel art to do so. The many references to Kojima's series will likely shoot over your head if you haven't played much of the series, but hopefully you'll stay for the fairly well implemented stealth on offer in this ten- to fifteen-minute long sneaky-punchy game. It should make the wait for Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain slightly more bearable at least. (Via IndieGames )

Electric Tortoise by Dillon Rogers, Joe Baxter-Webb

Play it online here

This Phillip K Dick-inspired tale consists of a short conversation with a robot – it's literally a single scene, told from the perspective of some sort of futuristic, Almost Human-style cop. You're questioning a suspect about a murder, a process that involves little more than selecting options from a menu. Differences from a typical text-based game are slight, but effective: you can look around the room a bit, while selecting responses means literally craning your neck around to the floating conversation window. The game itself is another sort of window, one into a fleshed-out, thoughtful science-fiction world.

Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story by DeadToast Entertainment

Play it online here

Nunchuck Charlie doesn't take itself entirely seriously, as you might notice when you load up the game and your first task as the moustachioed, semi-naked Charlie is to chop a cucumber to smithereens. Your next task – to enter a mysterious portal in order to rescue your kidnapped teddy bear – pretty much seals the deal on this cute, funny, if a little mechanically basic sidescrolling two-player beat-'em-up.

Fright House by Jake Clover

Download it here

Following on from the unassuming, if accurately named Some Games, the prolific Jake Clover has bundled six titles together as Fright House – though it's not quite as frightful as you might expect. The stylish sextology includes an erratic, frequently vertical driving game, a traditional-ish platformer, alien dinosaur abduction adventure, and the titular Fright House: a glitchy-on-purpose room escape type thing. Surreal, purposely broken and ripe for unravelling, Fright House is six brief games worthy of your time. (Via Indie Statik )

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