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Warner Bros. Interactive may be readying its own Steam-like platform called WB Play

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Steam's sucess as a digital distribution platform has inspired publishers to try their own hands at it. There's Origin from EA, and uPlay from Ubisoft. Now Warner Bros. could be creating its own distribution service, and if the clues are true, it's called WB Play.

Batman: Arkham Knight release date pushed to June 2015

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Batman: Arkham Knight was originally supposed to hit the streets in 2014, but halfway through the year Warner Bros. hit the brakes and pushed it into 2015. There was speculation that it wouldn't be too deep into next year, but the proper release date was revealed today and as it turns out, that speculation was a bit off the mark.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer introduces your orc chum Ratbag

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I like the orcs from the Lord of the Rings films, because they're cockneys, and they're called things like Gorbag or Shagrat or Plopbog. It makes a nice contrast from all the floaty elves named Elendermenderil or Alenduil or Katefromlost. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor contains an Uruk orc named Ratbag, which is obviously great. Ratbag "plays a critical role in the story", apparently, and he can act as your personal, rather smelly informant if you choose to let him live. But how does Ratbag look, sound, and get on with our troubled ranger hero Talion? These are things we can glean from the following trailer.

Gauntlet's pre-E3 "Relics" trailer shows off some flashy ways to kill

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The original Gauntlet made a big splash in arcades back in the mid-80s and so I don't remember all that terribly much about it, but as I recall your primary weapons against the overwhelming hordes of evil were food and quarters. The new Gauntlet takes a somewhat more modern approach, allowing players to gear up with "relics" that will enable all sorts of new and interesting ways to turn enemies into paste.

Batman: Arkham Knight trailer showcases Batmobile arsenal, confirms delay to 2015

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And so 2015 becomes not the year that we need, but the year that we deserve. Assuming we deserve lots of exciting sequels, at least. Joining The Witcher 3 in abandoning 2014, a new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer features an ending splash announcing that it's "coming 2015". This is in direct opposition to the game's first trailer, which listed a 2014 release.

Mortal Kombat 10 announced, trailer shows magic pummeling

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It's been a frantic day here in the PC Gamer office, what with announcements are spilling all over the floor. I've only just finished mopping up Homefront: The Resistance, and now there's a new Mortal Kombat oozing all over the carpet. If only there were some conference—or "expo"—designed specifically for containing such announcements. It could be a big trade event, and take place next week, and be called E3 or something. Alas, no, it wasn't to be, and so we're constantly battling the possibility that at any moment another game might be revealed.

Dying Light delayed into February 2015, letting us enjoy the sun a bit longer

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Techland have raged against the Dying Light, an act of raging so effective that it's pushed their Mirror's-Edge-but-with-zombies game into 2015. Dying Light was originally scheduled to release this year, the year we're in, 2014, but they needed a bit more time to polish their parkour system, buff their zombies' rotting flesh, and whip up an emotive yet entirely unrepresentative backwards-slow-motion trailer. OK, maybe not that last one. You'll find Techland's statement below.

Batman: Arkham Knight screenshot blowout

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Batman is the Dr Dre of classic superheroes. Just when you think you might have forgotten about him – Bam! – he's back to remind you why having no superpower is the coolest of all the superpowers. So it goes with these new shots from Arkham Knight, which is due out in October. Holy resolutions, Robin…

Shadow of Mordor hits October 7, pre-order now to get "exclusive leaderboards"

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It’s impossible to avoid the reductive pitch to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It’s Assassin’s Creed set in The Lord of The Rings. Hopefully it’s a lot more than that—Monolith and Warner Bros. are certainly trying to present it that way—but even it’s not, that’s still a damn good pitch. Today, the companies announced we’ll be able to find out for ourselves when the game’s released on October 7, 2014. They also revealed what extra stuff you’ll get if you pre-order the game.

Lego The Hobbit is more like Lego Ocean's Eleven in this excellent trailer

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Lego The Hobbit just might be the film that the overlong, barrel-scraping but still pretty damned enjoyable movies should have been - at least based on the evidence of this latest trailer, which packs more beautifully observed knockabout humour in its 1 minute and 41 seconds than Peter Jackson's epics managed in their combined 300 years running time. Stripping the plot back to the Oceans Eleven fan fiction Tolkien originally conceived it as back in the 1930s, this latest Hobbit trailer focuses on the game's predominantly dwarven main characters, and their various powers, tools and luxurious beards.

First Shadow of Mordor gameplay footage looks familiar but cool

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Monolith and Warner Bros. released the first gameplay footage for a new Lord of The Rings game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. It’s eight minutes long, all of which are worth watching, an impressive feat given our eroded attention spans.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition coming to PC

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Following the tradition of most fighting game ports, NetherRealm Studios' clash of DC heroes and villains will enter the PC arena a few months after the initial brawl of its console brethren in the form of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on November 12.

Batman: Arkham Origins season pass draws controversy

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WB Montreal’s plans for Batman: Arkham Origins have so far been expansive. The studio’s trip into Batman’s beginnings will include multiplayer, permadeath, and a string of post-release content, including an awful lot of outfit options for the Caped Crusader as part of the season pass. The outfit options have producer Guillaume Voghel on damage control today—IGN reports that the multitude of costumes has some fans perceiving a lack of real value. Voghel defends the pass’s contents and teases something else for the game that he thinks will have a large impact.

Batman: Arkham Origins features a permadeath mode, plus DLC that reveals Origins' origins

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Killing The Batman is about to become a whole lot easier, thanks to one of Batman: Arkham Origins' many extra modes. It's called I Am The Night, and it sounds like quite the challenge. As revealed at the Eurogamer expo, the mode gives you no saves and only a single life; it's joined by a "really difficult" New Game Plus, and of course those new multiplayer shenanigans. Producer Guillaume Voghel also outlined the upcoming Initiation DLC, a single-player slab of story that moves the action to Asia.

Scribblenauts Unmasked adds Batman, Superman and co., is yours to batbuy right now

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It's been a good few days for superheroes. Marvel's Agents of Shield thingy made its UK TV debut, I learnt about Phoenix Jones, and I made the surprising discovery that, after being bitten by a radioactive Spider-Man, I can now pass for Tobey Maguire in a look-a-like competition if you don't look too closely or ask me to speak. With great power, comes great responsibility. Also of note: Scribblenauts Unmasked has been released, mysteriously on-time for once. It adds DC characters to the wordy, imaginative puzzle game - characters like Batman, The Joker, Superman and, er, all the other lesser ones no one ever remembers.

Batman: Arkham Origins announced, with a new developer in the Batcave

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A new Batman game has been announced, via the circuitous route of a GameInformer cover. It's called Batman: Arkham Origins, and is being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, who... wait a second, what's happened to Rocksteady? Does their disappearance have something to do with released image of infamous mercenary Deathstroke? Well, someone had better call the Commissioner. It looks like we've got a bat to signal.

First ever Humble Weekly Sale begins with Bastion, adds a ton of extra stuff

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The Humble Bundle has evolved. No, not into a Wartortle - the charitable pay-what-you-want initiative is set to get humbler and bundlier and even more regular with the announcement of The Humble Weekly Sale, which will offer a new game for your consideration every Tuesday. The first deal goes live now, with the wonderful Bastion. As ever you can pay what you want for a DRM-free copy of the game (on Windows, Mac and Linux), though a donation of $1 or more will also get you a Steam key. If you beat the average you'll get extra digital content; spend $25 or more and you'll get physical merch thrown in too, including an actual Bastion bandana. Just the thing for when you wake up in a world of floating islands, with Logan Cunningham narrating everything you do.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is now out in Europe - celebrate by drawing a bottle of champagne

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I can think of a few reasons why us folks in Europe would envy our American cousins: they have a better selection of content on Netflix, their car chases are quite a bit more exciting, and they can just about pull off wearing a stetson. Just about. Thankfully, that list is now missing one vital component, as Scribblenauts Unlimited has finally been allowed to exist in Europe. The game suddenly appeared on Steam yesterday, after a miserable three-month delay.

Lego Lord of the Rings review

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Lego Lord of the Rings is an emphatic reminder of just how many iconic moments there are in Peter Jackson’s fantasy epics. Recreated in blocky form – as simple puzzles, short platforming sections and quaint cutscenes – and lifting the trilogy’s score and dialogue wholesale, the Helm’s Deep siege, Balrog showdown, and, er, bit where Gandalf bangs his head on Bilbo’s lamp all make the cut.

Scribblenauts Unlimited writes itself to Steam - er, unless you live in Europe

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Scribblenauts Unlimited - the third in the charming puzzle series that asks you to create on-screen characters and objects by typing their names into a magical notebook - was released on Steam a little while ago to coincide with the Wii U version. Well, in North America at least. The game's still not materialised over here - in fact, it's been pushed back to 2013 - and nobody seems to be able to say why.