Twitch to monitor and mute VOD content guilty of using 'unauthorized third party material'

Shaun Prescott at

Following the announcement of sweeping changes to Twitch's video on demand service, comes another more divisive update: Twitch will implement Audio Recognition technology on all VODs in an effort to combat the use of "unauthorised third party material". The scans will apply to VODs only: live streams will remain unaffected.

Nvidia announces Shield Tablet and wireless controller, an 8-inch Android tablet focused on games

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Last week Nvidia was rumored to be prepping the reveal of a new device running Android and capable of streaming games from your PC. Today, it revealed the Shield Tablet, an 8-inch tablet that uses Nvidia's Tegra K1 chip to do just that.

Steam in-home streaming now available in open beta

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In-home streaming for everyone! After three months of testing Steam in-home streaming in a closed beta community, Valve has added the feature to the Steam beta client accessible to all. Want to stream games from your office desktop to a living room PC while luxuriating on the couch? The power is yours. Just remember that this particular power is still a work-in-progress, which means it may be laggy or fail altogether with certain games on Steam.

Choice Chamber gets a helping hand from Twitch

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If there's one group of people I don't trust, it's everyone on the internet. Not you, of course. You're lovely. But the others? For all I know, they're an army of terrifying psychopaths. It's for that exact reason that Choice Chamber—a game that puts your success directly into the hands of anonymous Twitch viewers—promises to be so entertaining. Fittingly, given the game's streaming symbiosis, Twitch have announced that they're now supporting its development.

Valve open up in-home streaming beta to non-Steam games

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Valve are so good at hiding revelatory new features in patch notes, that I worry they might have released Half-Life 3 years ago, and we just never realised. In this latest instance, they've updated the Steam client beta's in-home streaming functionality to support "streaming non-Steam games in the Steam library". That means, whether they're part of Steam or not, you'll be able to beam your most powerful games between local area network PCs. Even Minesweeper.

Nvidia Shield update adds official PC streaming, console mode, more Android support

Patrick Carlson at

With the Nvidia Shield's PC streaming function now out of its beta phase, the handheld's latest update should bring more flexibility to an already innovative device. The machine's new patch also introduces a new console mode and increased gamepad support for touch-screen games, alongside Android 4.3, according to a press release today.

Nvidia's GeForce Experience to record gameplay, offer one-click streaming via Twitch

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During an Nvidia event held today, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang discussed a new feature that’ll supposedly make your amazing, video game-related exploits all the more believable to your dubious friends: ShadowPlay.

Square Enix reverses policy on Final Fantasy XIV video monetization

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A decision by Square Enix to prohibit the monetization of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn content on YouTube and other video streaming sites has been reversed, according to updated policy language on the game's website.

Twitch announces major streaming changes

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If you enjoy watching live speed runs, tournaments, Let’s Plays, or basically any type of videogame-related streaming, chances are you’re spending some time on Twitch. If that’s the case, you might want to mute that stream that’s running in the background, because the service is getting some major changes to its transcode.

4.7 million watched MLG Spring Championship, previous viewership records shattered

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2012 has felt like a breakout year for eSports, and MLG just released some huge numbers to prove it. Last weekend's MLG Spring Championship absolutely crushed the viewership totals of the MLG's entire 2011 lineup combined. When a single championship weekend eclipses a full year of competition, you know 2012 is likely a transformative year.

OnLive review

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(This hands-on review first appeared in PC Gamer issue 234)

The post PC-era is upon us. Sometime soon, you won’t need to actually own any computing hardware: instead, a single browser window that opens from your tablet into the cloud will offer on-demand processing power beyond the dreams of Intel’s Core series or AMD’s Bulldozer. Everything from phone calls to videogames will be virtualised. You will want for naught. Or at least, that’s the theory.

Thanks to the UK launch of OnLive, the world’s first streaming games service, we’ve finally got a better idea of whether that future is imminent or still jetpack-commuting-distant.

OnLive launches in North America

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OnLive, the streaming game service, has just launched in the US. To promote it, they're offering a first-come first-served Founding Members Program that'll net you a year of free OnLive for signing up. Or will it?