Age of Ascent attempts to create the largest PvP battle in history March 14

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According to the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2014, on July 28, 2013, the battle of 6VDT-H in EVE Online reached a total of 4,070 pilots fighting simultaneously, making it the largest PvP battle in history. On March 14, Age of Ascent will attempt to break that record.

Firefall's PVP mode soon to be suspended until developer can "get it right"

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Red 5 Studios CEO Mark Kern announced in a recent blog post that Firefall’s PvP mode will be temporarily suspended while the team works out the kinks.

Magicka: Wizard Wars gets a nifty gameplay trailer

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After the hilarious, Game of Thrones-spoofing live action trailer this year and the screenshots that came a couple of months afterwards, the Video Game Marketing Formula dictates that the next stop on Magicka: Wizard Wars' press tour is a gameplay trailer, which you'll find neatly packaged behind the cut. Paradox is on a roll with these.

A new 20v20 battleground is coming to TERA

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TERA, which only just finished up its kooky birthday celebrations last month, is already rousing itself from its cake coma to pump in new content. Today En Masse announced a new battleground, Corsairs' Stronghold, which looks stylishly piratey in this trailer.

Here are the first face-melting screenshots of Magicka: Wizard Wars

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Turns out those faceless dudes from the Game of Thrones-spoofing announcement trailer aren't any less creepy when pulled out of the realm of live-action. I was hoping the hollow blackness of the wizards' heads might be downplayed a little in Magicka: Wizard War's art, but I guess I can forgive them when that much fire and lightning is bursting from their limbs.

Forge "re-launches" with new features, free weekend and 75% off sale

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Greenlit MMO-style PvP brawler Forge had a troubled launch - lacking key features and planned polish when it released last December. But even in its basic state, the Steam release raised enough money for the developers to keep working on the game. They're now hoping this risky development tactic will pay off with a "re-release" weekend - launching a free DLC update and letting anyone preview the game through a Steam Free Weekend.

World of Warcraft patch 5.3 to significantly alter PvP gear

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Blizzard has kept up its focus of "narrowing the PVP gap" for World of Warcraft players in the last few major patches, and the changes incoming along with a new battleground and arena in patch 5.3 are perhaps the strongest steps taken to lessen the gear disparity between hardcore PVPers and more casual combatants.

Camelot Unchained dev wants more unpredictability in MMORPGs

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Mark Jacobs, the former longtime boss for Mythic Entertainment and designer of Dark Age of Camelot, is picking up a fight against predictability by arguing for the merits of increased randomness in MMOs, including his upcoming PVP-centric project Camelot Unchained.

Guild Wars 2 cuts the price of combat - ArenaNet remove paid PvP

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Today marks the release of Guild Wars 2's much-teased second Flame & Frost update, The Gathering Storm. The patch not only adds guild missions, a new PvP map and a continuation of the game's Living Story, but also brings a change to paid PvP tournaments. Specifically, it removes them, instead relying on a more robust matchmaking system that will govern the remaining free tournaments.

ArenaNet previews Guild Wars 2 structured PVP additions

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ArenaNet Systems Designer Jonathan Sharp posted a short blog entry earlier this week showcasing the iceberg-shaped updates incoming to Guild Wars 2's PVP scene, including a paid-tournament seeding system using points accrued from matches and additional UI menus for quick access.

Guild Wars 2: Paid tournaments and custom arenas coming "in the near future"

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Guild Wars 2 systems designer Jonathan Sharp has outlined the future of the game's Structured Player vs. Player component, in a blog post on the official site. Using a torturous iceberg metaphor, he revealed that the first things fans can expect are paid tournaments and custom arenas, both of which require the use of gems (a currency you pay for with real money).

Guild Wars 2 PvP guide: getting started on the road to victory

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There's more to being successful in Guild Wars 2 PvP than mastery of your class: it's just as important to know how the maps work, how to earn points quickly, when to push and when to back off. I've played a lot of PvP over the course of beta and I recently spoke ArenaNet about the techniques that will help good teams to stand out. Below you'll find general tips and techniques as well as overviews of each of the three maps that will be available when Guild Wars 2 launches.

These are principles that apply to every PvPer, regardless of profession or build. They apply whether you're playing with an organised team on voice chat or jumping in with strangers.

Guild Wars 2 PvP designer talks e-sports, spectator mode and streaming

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During the final beta weekends, players jumping into Guild Wars 2's structured PvP maps may have noticed the first signs of its broader e-sports aspirations, like the tournament tickets granted as rank-up rewards. The first Guild Wars had a booming competitive scene - it is, after all, an MMO named after its PvP mode - and according to systems designer Jonathan Sharp, the sequel is going to take things much further.

New details on Rift's patch 1.9, Conquest system

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Rift three faction PvP hits test servers today

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A new three-way PvP faction war mode will land on Rift's test servers later on today. From 4pm PDT / 11pm players will have the chance to and jump into a new PvP warzone in a new version of Stillmoor to do battle for a cluster of control points (or Sourcestone Extractors, as they're called).

As a member of one of three new factions, Ascended must seize a certain number of these areas to win. "The match ends when a single team has claimed 40% of the control points or 5,000 players are killed" explain Trion on the Rift site, "once this happens a 10 minute timer will start, this is your chance to make a last grab for control."

Guild Wars 2 World vs. World PvP: 20 minutes of footage, plus commentary!

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While I was at ArenaNet I had the chance to play a decent amount of Guild Wars 2's World vs. World PvP mode. In this video, Graham and I talk you through two fortress assaults. In one, my team is on the offensive. In the other, we're mounting a heroic attempt to break an enemy siege. We discuss how the mode differs from regular PvP, the minute-to-minute strategy of defending your territory, and the inner lives of Guild Wars 2's implacable transport goat things.

For more on World vs World PvP, check out our preview. Are you taking part in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend, readers? If so, will you be giving World vs. World a try?

Mastering the Arena: Trial by Arcane

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Earlier this week, Blizzard opened up World of Warcraft's Arena Tournament servers for public signups. Every time they open, players can pay $20 for access to a separate server loaded with max-level characters, the best gear/enchants/gems in the game, and unlimited gold to spend—all of which adds up to provide the perfect competitive PvP environment for arena fans. The last time the tournament server was live, Josh grabbed a few of his friends and gave it a shot. We'll be sharing their thoughts on what they learned and if they thought it was worth the money over the next few days.

Diablo 3 PvP mode to arrive in post-launch patch

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If you took all of the features that have been stripped out of the launch build of Diablo 3, you could bolt them together and create a new game entirely. A post on Battle.Net says that the player vs. player Arena mode will not be in Diablo 3 at launch. It'll be added in a patch afterwards when it's done.

The multiplayer mode has been delayed so the team make it "as brutal, bloody, fast-paced, and awesome," as they think it can be. Meanwhile, they're also focussing on getting the single player/co-op game completed as soon as possible. "We're in the process of putting the finishing touches on what we think is a truly epic campaign," they say.

Guild Wars 2 PvP to feature 300 player server vs. server battles and siege warfare

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Armies of a hundred players will get the chance to fight for their server in Guild Wars 2's massive three-way PvP battles. Each army will fight for control of The Mists, an enormous zone packed full of vast NPC controlled fortresses that you'll have to take and hold using trebuchets, catapults and siege golems.

It's going to be massive. Literally massive. "We use as much space as we possibly can in order to accommodate over a hundred people from each server fighting on every map," explains Mike Ferguson in the latest Guild Wars 2 developer diary entry. "These are the largest maps we can make in Guild Wars 2."

Taking the castles of The Mists will earn your army supply that can be used upgrade your defences, or you can spend it on war machines that can be used to attack enemy walls. Smaller groups can take minor townships and camp sites to earn more resources, and you can even persuade groups of NPC to join your cause by completing impromptu quests for them in the field.

World of Warcraft - Warsong Gulch PvP Three-Way

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In our recurring Three-Way video segment, three editors go head-to-head-to-head as they take on the same section of the same game with unique strategies and play styles. Once they’ve put their methods to the test, the editors convene to survey their colleagues’ trials and exercise their inalienable right to copious wisecrackin’. In this edition, Josh, Chris and Tyler tackle a round of World of Warcraft capture-the-flag PvP in Warsong Gulch. Josh takes the role of bodyguard while Chris heals and Tyler focuses on running the flag. Check out the introduction above, and see how the team fared in the following videos...