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Magicka 2 reveal teaser shows a day in the life of a wizard

Cory Banks at

During the Sony E3 2014 press conference, Paradox Interactive unveiled the next edition of its Magicka series, Magicka 2. And while the reveal trailer doesn't show what's new in the magic-'em up, it does show how lonely life must be for an out-of-work wizard.

Leviathan: Warships review

PC Gamer at

On an internet of visual chaff capable of eliciting millions of disingenuous LOLs, the ‘jazzy trailers’ for Leviathan: Warships stood out as being authentically amusing and intriguing teasers for this top-down, turn-based naval strategy game. The good news is that Paradox Interactive have, with their usual creative flair, produced something that’s as entertaining as its advance publicity augured.

Leviathan: Warships trailer wins E3 - launches free Jazz Boatman update

Phil Savage at

Shut it down, guys. It's over. I mean, it's not over - there's more than a day of E3 to go. But here, now, we've witnessed the peak. Not because of some loud and shouty on-stage exclusive, or a hotly anticipated sequel announcement, or even a childishly amusing video making fun of a competitor. From the comfort of their conference booth, Paradox have sunk the competition by deploying the latest in the Leviathan: Warships jazztrailer odyssey.

Leviathan: Warships prepares for launch, deploys second pun-filled trailer

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Later today, Rockstar will post a trio of GTA 5 trailers, almost certainly destroying the internet under a three-pronged attack of fevered streaming. In which case, this launch trailer for Leviathan: Warships - a video that likely cost .000000004% of Rockstar's budget - could well be the last promotional game footage you ever see.

Which is something I'd be okay with, because it's a return of the Smooth Jazz and Ship Pun combo that made their last trailer such a delight. Although this time, they're really plumbing the depths of acceptable punning.