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Now Playing Live: PC Gamer plays Titanfall

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As much as we enjoyed our DayZ odyssey, and politely smack-talked our way through the afternoon Battle Royale, for the next PC Gamer stream, we figured it best to pick a game in which Ben couldn't brutally murder us. Also, a game in which we had access to stompy robots and nimble jet-packs. As such, this evening we'll be suiting up as a united front against the masses of the Titanfall beta.

You can watch us play Titanfall tonight at 8pm GMT. Just head over to our Twitch channel, or stare transfixed at the embed inside.

The complete list of PC Gamer's UK game servers

PC Gamer at

Looking for evening of multiplayer gaming? Come and play with us. We've recently refreshed our UK server list, providing a space for readers to explore, build and... okay, mostly just kill. Whether you enjoy a friendly round of competitive brutality, or a collaborative place to create and share, our Multiplay hosted servers are waiting for you to join.

PC Gamer stream: watch us play DayZ

Phil Savage at

Edit: Apologies for the abrupt ending. We're making some changes to the stream set up, so in future we'll have less dead air if the streamer goes down. We'll be trying again with another run at 2pm.

Today, the PC Gamer team is taking a break from fighting words, to instead fight some zombies, bandits, and those oh-so-deadly ladders. We're playing DayZ today from 2pm until... well, until we die. It could be a short stream. Hopefully it won't be. You can track our progress, as we weave between towns, cities and military bases, by heading over to our Twitch channel, or just watching below.

Comments are back, will use Disqus as a temporary measure

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Good news for those of you who've been waiting to lecture Rich over his flagrant deviation from Game of Thrones canon: we're finally lifting the eerie silence that has fallen over the PC Gamer community.

As you've probably noticed, our forum and comment threads have been disabled since the discovery of a malicious script that was lurking in the forum's code. Thankfully, an investigation revealed that no user data had been compromised, but we're going to use this downtime to review our choice of forum software. As a result, we're not yet ready to re-introduce the site's native community functionality.

As a temporary solution, we've added support for the third-party commenting platform Disqus. That means, whether you're a long-standing member of the PCG community, or looking to join the discussion for the first time, you'll need to sign up for a Disqus account. Don't worry: it's a painless process, and one that can be optionally done through a Facebook, Google+ or Twitter log-in.

Our forum is down while we burn out the bugs

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A little known fact about the internet: puns leave a gooey residue that sticks to the undercarriage of websites. Not only does this slime slow down the hi-speed journey through broadband tubes, it's also the perfect breeding ground for parasitic HTML bugs. Such an infestation has been found growing in our forum and commenting system, and so we've sent in a team in to scrape, sweep and burn the place clean. To facilitate their efforts, we've quarantined the zone until further notice.

Hopefully the team will be following standard survival procedure: don't split up, don't leave anyone behind, and don't poke the mysterious fleshy sac that's hanging from the Disc Support sub-forum.

PC Gamer UK March issue: Total War: Rome 2

Marsh Davies at

It's Valentine's day! And to celebrate, we've released a new issue of the excellent PC Gamer magazine! Indeed, there can be few things more romantic, more stirring than issue 250 of PCG UK, with its cover image of a grizzled man squatting menacingly in a forest, while a look of pure wrath - or possibly simple constipation - contorts his weathered features into a chilling snarl. Woah woah woah - stop taking off your pants. It's hard to resist, I know, but before you get all amorous, wait to hear what else is on offer in this perfumed boudoir of an issue. You don't want it to be over too soon, do you?

Issue 250 should be on shelves today and is HALF PRICE if you nab it from either Zinio or the App store before the end of this month. Of course, you could always subscribe and get each issue delivered to your door! Hit the jump to see the exclusive subs cover, and stare deeply into Pooping Barbarian Man's gimlet eyes. Then discover what other treats await: news, previews, reviews, retrospectives, tech tests and a picture of Chris Thursten looking sexy on a horse.

Help beta test PC Gamer's new website feature!

Marsh Davies at

Good denizens of PC gaming, heed our call! We've been working on a spiffy new website feature and we need you - yes YOU! - to test it.

It's called Gamer Rank and it links together your PC Gamer profile with your Steam account, allowing you to keep track of your games, your friends' games, achievements, stats, leaderboards and, most importantly, loads of pretty graphs.

PC Gamer US podcast postponed due to orbital bombardment

PC Gamer at

Alas, loyal listeners, there will be no PC Gamer US podcast this week due to some unforeseen circumstances tangentially related to laser beams from space. But never fear! We'll be back next week with a new episode from our underground podcasting bunker at an undisclosed location in Siberia. We're still accepting transmissions from our listeners, but you'll have to follow the directions after the jump. We can't risk our position falling into the wrong mutant lobster claws.

Steam Greenlight: 15 ace games from the PC Gamer Collection

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While Valve continue to work out the kinks in their promo-platform piping, we’ve pooled together our favourite picks from the Steam Greenlight community into the PC Gamer Greenlight Collection. This will certainly continue to grow, so do check back, but here’s the first fifteen to make it in: experimental puzzlers, gruesome horror yarns, frantic frag-fests, puntastic platformers, games we can’t even pronounce - and all deserving of wider recognition. Why not have a peek and let us know what other games have tickled your fancy in the comments?

Join us for the PC Gamer Megapanel at PAX!

Logan Decker at

If you're going to this year's PAX in Seattle, Washington, then we'd love for you to join us on Friday for an unprecedented gathering of PC gaming's finest developers and storytellers at the The PC Gamer Megapanel: The Incredible, Uncertain Future of Storytelling!

Our Facebook page has 200,000 likes! We quite like you too

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This morning our Facebook page ticker ticked right over the 200,000 likes mark, which made us do a little cheer in the office. This means we're about about 20 times bigger than Big Ben, four times more popular than potatoes, and about five times more awesome than lions. It's going to be a while before we can take on chocolate, but with your help ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Thanks for the support, everyone! It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That's partly due to the little known fact that Facebook likes can be mixed into hot beverages to inspire feelings of euphoria and a 10.4% boost in writing efficiency, but large numbers also trigger favourable emotions in our soul-circuits. If you haven't already, you can check out our shiny new timeline thing by heading over to the PC Gamer Facebook page now. You can also keep track of our movements, and all the latest in PC gaming, by following our @PC_Gamer Twitter account. We're on Google+ too. It's official. PC gaming is BETTER THAN LIONS.

Free Skyrim-inspired food, plush helmets and meet PC Gamer at PAX

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Are you going to PAX? Do you like free food? Do you like plush horned helmets? Would you like to meet some of the folks behind PC Gamer? Well, join us on Saturday, August 27th from 1:00pm-2:00pm at the corner of 9th and Pine (across from the Paramount Theater) as our Skyrim-sponsored food truck fills your bellies with the finest in Nord inspired fare.

Outfit yourself with Skyrim plush helmet, and meet the power house staff: Logan Decker, Evan Lahti, Chris Comiskey, Josh Augustine, and Lucas Sullivan. Chomp down, talk games, make new friends. Sorry, no dragons included.

The choice nom noms (Click to see full meal)

To aid your in your quest

Join Heroes of Newerth's [PCGC], the official PC Gamer clan!

Lucas Sullivan at

MOBAs are always better when you're playing with friends. Whether you win or lose, it's guaranteed to feel that much better if you're praising your buddy's clutch Javelin of Light, or laughing off a whiffed Guttling Hook. Whether or not you're familiar with these abilities, we'd love to fight by your side or teach you the ropes in Heroes of Newerth. Read on to find out how you can get involved in what is sure to be the HoN (casual) clan of the century.

Geek toys review: Nanodots

Chris Comiskey at

When the carrying pouch is more entertaining than its contents, there’s something amiss. Inside an admittedly awesome yellow drawstring bag—complete with atomic logo emblazoned across the front—lies a handful of magnetic BBs called nanodots. That stick to each other. Awkwardly. That’s all they do. This is sort of like tearing open the wrapping paper off a massive box on Christmas morning only to discover a mouth-guard and a jockstrap within.

PC Gamer Podcast 253 - Year Of The Trackball

Andy Bauman at

Logan, Dan, Evan, Josh and Andy share their holiday wish lists and exceptional gaming moments of 2010 on this end-of-the-year podcast.

Download the mp3subscribe and call in with your exceptional moments, questions and predictions of the future, toll free: 877-404-1337 ext 724.

PC Gamer US Podcast 253- Year Of The Trackball

PC Gamer UK January issue - Eve Online

Owen Hill at

Those lucky subscribers already know because they've heard the pleasing sound of an issue of PC Gamer UK sliding through their letterboxes, but the remainder of you will be delighted to discover that our latest issue hits shelves today. Read on to discover its secrets...

PC Gamer UK Christmas Issue - Diablo 3

Graham Smith at

The Christmas issue of PC Gamer UK comes straight from hell, but it looks heavenly, with not just one Diablo 3 cover but five. You can see four of them below, each depicting a different character class from Blizzard's hack-and-slasher.

Subscribe to PC Gamer UK, get it half price

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It's winter, which at PC Gamer means free overtime from our inking orphans because it's too cold for them to go back to their cells at night. So we're passing these human rights violations - or 'savings' - on to you: it's now just £10.69 quarterly to subscribe by Direct Debit, or £46.49 for a year if you prefer to pay by card. The PC Gamer Maths Prawn tells us that's £3.28 and £3.58 an issue respectively - good job, Maths Prawn! Back in your tank!

For the most ridiculous saving of all, subscribe for two years for £77.99. Your loyalty lets us plan for the future by abducting a whole new orphan, safe in the knowledge that after twelve months, the cadmium poisoning from the ink will have rendered it almost numb to the papercuts. And since we work four-week long Journalism Months to avoid light stabbings from our overlords, we do 13 issues in a year. That's less than £3 an issue, says the calculator we replaced the Maths Prawn with after the tank fiasco. Compassionate and smart.

Subscribers also get their issues with the clean, gorgeous, clutter-free covers you see above. As well as looking sexy on a coffee table, the time the orphans save from the lack of cover lines means we can send each issue out to you sooner than the shops.

Where in the world is PC Gamer?

Jaz McDougall at

A PC Gamer reader was recently spotted in Tunisia. By his girlfriend, that is. This is Laurence Kettle reading his Christmas 09 issue in Tunisia, and his holiday snap got us thinking. Do you go to interesting, sexy places and take your PC Gamer UK or US with you? Well, whip it out, man! Then send us a picture.

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If you don't wanna close your eyes / Don't wanna fall asleep / 'Cause you'd miss our informative and entertaining PC gaming news and analysis, baby / And you don't wanna miss a thing / Do what Aerosmith failed to and use an RSS reader. If you already have one, subscribe to the PC Gamer RSS feed now. If not, try Google Reader - it'll change your browsing life forever.