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Hawken releases Predator mech into the wild, adds co-op mode in new beta patch

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Hawken's latest beta patch is live, dropping a new mech and a new co-op game mode onto the mech shooter's dystopian landscape. Code-named Predator, the new mech has some decidedly asymmetrical tactics and weapons at its disposal, according to information on the "Invasion" update released by developer Adhesive Games.

Hawken to add leaderboards, part of plan to boost competitive play

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Hawken devs are looking to roll out official leaderboards for the free-to-play game in November, according to Adhesive Games' latest community updates. The move is part of a plan by developers to make the mech shooter a home for competitive as well as casual pilots, says game designer Chris Vance.

Hawken map overview takes mech warfare to the Front Line

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I feel a bit guilty watching this video overview of the new Hawken map Front Line. Here's level designer Tyler Buser giving a full tour of the chokepoints, cover areas, symmetrical avenues, contestable turrets and vertical combat zones that the team have painstakingly worked on. And yet, when I inevitably blunder into the map, my appreciation for their effort will be replaced with thoughts like: "there's another robot. I'm going to shoot it. Hooray I shot it!"

Hawken developer levels the gender playing field with Brosie the Riveter

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As gender equality issues in the games industry continue to become more prominent, everyone is learning new lessons. Meteor Entertainment CEO Mark Long, for example, recently got hilariously pranked by a female employee who had something to say about a suggestive poster in the office.

Latest Hawken update brings a new map: the desert-based Facility

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A new Hawken patch introduces your latest glimpse of mechs banging around gracefully in the desertscape. According to level designer Tyler Buser in this map overview video, Facility is a map carefully crafted so that "no capture point is ever too far to engage, nor too safe to leave undefended." Sounds like a good source of drama between our favorite giant robot buddies! This is the patch's biggest feature, which also comes with a slew of new customizations, as well as balancing and interface improvements.

Hawken update to add support class, dramatically rebalance weapons

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So far, Hawken has focused exclusively on warrin' mechs. Understandable - giant robots and big explosions are both pluses in a video game - but there's a whole mech ecosystem to draw on. Assistant mechs, reporter mechs, accounting mechs (or 'calculators'). Admittedly, none of them are going to be particularly useful in a battlefield. Luckily, there's also medic mechs, and Hawken plans to add them into the game tomorrow, with their first support class: The Technician.

Meaty new update for Hawken brings new Mech, map, the ability to robo-cuss

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Changes are coming to stompy free-to-play mech battler Hawken. The latest update, which went live today, introduces the new Raider Mech and a fresh map called Facility. It also brings the ability to equip Mech Taunts, allowing you to belittle dead opponents with the tap of a key. The ‘G’ key, to be precise.

Hawken review

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They may look like unwieldy lumps of steel, but Hawken’s war machines are surprisingly agile. Meteor’s free-to-play shooter gives you control of a twenty-foot-tall mechanical warrior, but it’s not another MechWarrior: the maps here are small, and the combat snappy.

It’s all about the movement. As my mech thuds around, the cockpit wobbles and dirt flecks the windshield. I hear the mechanical clank of each heavy footstep, and when I fire my weapons I can sense the vibrations rattling my chassis. When I move the mouse to turn, there’s a slight delay and the whir of a motor as my robo-head swivels around. I haven’t felt as physically connected to a first-person game since Mirror’s Edge.

Hawken's free tie-in comic includes closed beta code

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Adhesive Games and digital comics publisher Comixology probably touched upon the very essence of geekdom when they concocted an offer involving viewing colorful pictures of robots blowing each other up to access actual gameplay of robots blowing each other up. Downloading the free first issue of Hawken: Genesis not only offers an expository primer of the backstory behind why everyone turned so trigger-happy, it also gets you a code for the third and final closed beta event starting November 20. Have they no sense of restraint?

Meteor expects League of Legends-like success for Hawken, receives $18 million in funding

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Hawken publisher Meteor Entertainment definitely recognizes the appeal of smashing bipedal robots together, which is why CEO Mark Long told GeekWire he hopes the upcoming multiplayer mech-mania will supersede reigning crowd-pleaser League of Legends in both popularity and revenue, boldly predicting a profit pull of $100 million and a nearly 10 million-strong community by next year.

Hawken Gamescom footage features rockets, frenzied robo-deathmatch, endless techno

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We've pointed a camera at footage of someone playing the upcoming free to play mech-'em-up, Hawken, capturing four and a half minutes of robot battling from Gamescom. Apologies for the music. The camera's microphone warped the hubbub of the show floor into a continuous farting hiss, so we've replaced that with the first item that came to hand, which happens to be an endlessly looping techno skit that you might have heard in 2005, if you spent 2005 dead and hanging around half empty clubs in purgatory. I find that adding my own sound effects helps, like this: kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk, dakka dakka, MISSILE ATTACK.

Hawken scoops $10 million in funding from League of Legends backers

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The promising multiplayer arena mech shooter, Hawken has just received quite a windfall in the form of $10 million of funding from Meteor Entertainment, a pretty massive investment for a debut game of a small studio. VentureBeat indicate that Meteor is backed by Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital, the same investors that funded Riot Games' League of Legends.

LoL boasts one of the smartest free-to-play systems in the industry at the moment and Hawken devs, Adhesive Games, have already said that the mech shooter will get by on micro transactions that will "allow greater customization and more weapon variety." Venture Beat are hoping that Hawken can capture massive audiences in the same way as League of Legends, despite the difference in genre.