Latest Hawken update brings a new map: the desert-based Facility

A new Hawken patch introduces your latest glimpse of mechs banging around gracefully in the desertscape. According to level designer Tyler Buser in this map overview video, Facility is a map carefully crafted so that "no capture point is ever too far to engage, nor too safe to leave undefended." Sounds like a good source of drama between our favorite giant robot buddies! This is the patch's biggest feature, which also comes with a slew of new customizations, as well as balancing and interface improvements.

Okay, so it looks decidedly underpopulated in this video, but you've got to admit it's quite beautiful. This is probably your only chance to enjoy the tiny details anyway, like those floating rocks, or the way sand blows off the flat cement surfaces—once players fill the map, you won't have any time to appreciate all the pretty stuff.

Additionally, a whole heap of fixes have been made—check out the patch notes for more details. I envision that after-match taunting is about to get very, very popular.