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Hawken update to add support class, dramatically rebalance weapons

So far, Hawken has focused exclusively on warrin' mechs. Understandable - giant robots and big explosions are both pluses in a video game - but there's a whole mech ecosystem to draw on. Assistant mechs, reporter mechs, accounting mechs (or 'calculators'). Admittedly, none of them are going to be particularly useful in a battlefield. Luckily, there's also medic mechs, and Hawken plans to add them into the game tomorrow, with their first support class: The Technician.

"The Technician is our big addition to the game, and this will obviously change the way some of you play," say the developers . "For others, it'll mean you can have increased sustain to rush in head-first. Don't mistake the Technician for a harmless medic: heat management, a dual-mode secondary weapon, and an always-available primary weapon means the Technician plays very differently than what you might expect. It's fun!" Which sounds like an implied technician burn. Are they normally not fun?

As well as the new class, tomorrow's patch will bring a huge selection of tweaks and balance changes, new Service Award Achievements, and a new "large-scale" map with support for all modes.

Full patch notes here .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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