Kongregate now lets you download and launch free-to-play games

Phil Savage at

Kongregate, the extensive flash games depository, is busting out of the browser to let you download a selection of free-to-play games. Three games are currently available from their downloads page. There's Bomb Buddies, a Bomberman-style online arcade game; Smashmuck Champions, a top-down arena-based combat shooter; and Super Monday Night Combat - or The One You Might Actually Have Heard Of - which offers a third-person cross between DOTA and TF2.

Wonderputt breathes a little magic into Friday

Richard Cobbett at

Gamescom last week, Deus Ex: Human Revolution this week... things have been very hectic of late. Why not calm down with a little mini golf? If your answer was 'because mini-golf is boring', prepare to meet Wonderputt. It's mini-golf like only a computer can do, with terrain exploding out, trick shots involving space warping and the devil, and much more. When you've finished the holes, you unlock a second mode that's a little more challenging - but really, the challenge isn't the point and it's relatively easy to finish the course only (cough) reasonably over par. Check it out at Kongregate.

I admire your balls: The Pinball Adventure

Jaz McDougall at

The Pinball Adventure is a pinball game that I accidentally fell on top of and started playing while doing serious work yesterday. It's pinball, but it's also an adventure, see?

GameStop acquires Kongregate

Jaz McDougall at

GameStop is a massive retailer that sells hard copies of games for full price. Kongregate is a free flash portal that integrates lovely web games with achievements, profiles, leaderboards, and micro-transactions. GameStop just ate Kongregate last night. BE AFRAID.