Kongregate is now publishing games on Steam

Around this time four years ago, Kongregate sidestepped its browser-based flash game heritage and ventured into the world of free-to-play downloads. The GameStop-owned web portal now has its sights set on Steam, where it plans to release indie games on PC—starting with once-mobile-now-desktop game Slashy Hero

An updated version of Kongregate's software development kit is also available which allows player progress to be shared across multiple platforms. As it stands, Slashy Hero is already set up to do so between its mobile iteration and new Steam port. Developers can also view metrics and stats relevant to mobile, web, and Steam releases.

"Despite the growth of newer platforms, PC gaming remains a viable and exciting option that our players want to explore," said Kongregate's present and co-founder Emily Greer in conversation with gamesindustry.biz. "By adding Steam to our publishing business, we can support even more indie developers and deliver unique and innovative content to gamers worldwide. 

"Our mission is to help independent developers succeed and we want to work with developers on any platform where we think we can add value, whether that be browser, mobile, PC or console. As we work with teams in our publishing program we work together to figure out what platforms are right for the game from a gameplay and audience perspective."

Besides The Gentlebros' isometric adventure game, Spellstone is the only other game scheduled for Steam release for now, however more are expected in the coming months.   

Thanks, gamesindustry.biz.