Gigabyte's BRIX mini-PC promises desktop gaming performance in a small package

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Gigabyte have announced yet another version of their increasingly impressive BRIX range of mini PCs: the BRIX Gaming. Contrary to the way mini PCs have traditionally been configured, Gigabyte’s latest actually stands a chance of delivering playable frame rates without sacrificing texture quality or post-processing.

Gigabyte unveil a GPU watercooling headcrab for your PC

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Gigabyte have been touring around Europe this week showing off their first own-design closed-loop water-cooler for graphics cards. Now, closed-loop liquid-chilling isn’t new, even in GPU terms, but they generally come pre-installed. Gigabyte’s Waterforce is designed to be easily dropped onto your graphics setup—even a multi-GPU array—and allow you to cool your GPUs far more efficiently than with active air-cooling alone. Today’s graphics cards select their operating clockspeed based on a given temperature, so the cooler they are, the faster they'll run.

Gigabyte announce new slimline gaming laptop

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Taiwanese tech giant, Gigabyte, announced this week their latest slimline gaming notebook, the 14-inch P34G v2. It’s a thin ‘n’ light laptop that's supposedly "perfect for any corporate worker who needs a reliable laptop by day and then wants to play demanding games after work."

The GTX 860M inside should handle demanding games well. My feelings on the choice of graphics card are a bit mixed—on one hand the 860M is rocking the same GK104 GPU as the impressive GTX 775M of the last generation, but on the other it isn’t the version of the 860M that comes with the new Maxwell GPU.

4K gaming: early benchmarks reveal the rigs we'll need to play at ultra-resolutions

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With Asus announcing pre-orders for their PQ321Q 4K PC monitor - at a wallet-sweating $3,500 - just how prepared are our rigs for 4K gaming? The answer, coming out of a quick benchmark test over at AnandTech, seems to be ‘not very.’

Well, unless you’re already rocking an ultra-enthusiast graphics card...or three.

Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5 motherboard review

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Good lord, that’s a striking mobo. It’s also a pretty impressively performing board too, built for the new generation of processor from Intel, the 4th Generation Core architecture, previously code-named Haswell. It’s also one of the first boards I’ve looked at outside of the expensive Intel own brand mobo that was shipped me with the inaugural i7 Haswell review CPU.

The most obvious thing about this board is its micro ATX form factor, but don’t for one second think that has an impact on the performance you can get out of this mean, grean motherboard. It may be small, but don’t let that fool you - it was able to keep pace with a similarly impressive, full-size Asus Z87-Pro board.

Gigabyte's Uranium mouse offers seventy hours of wireless gaming

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Using a compact reactor that looks suspiciously like a pair of rechargable AA batteries, Gigabyte’s new wireless mouse claims to offer up to seventy hours of non-stop wireless gaming.

The Aivia Uranium is using some intelligent power design to offload some energy-sapping activities to the wireless receiver allowing the wireless laser mouse to run for as long as possible on a single charge. The Ghost Macro Station attaches to your machine and acts as the receiver and charging station for your mouse. It’s also where the mouse stores all its memory and where the macros are stored and edited.