Take on colossal monsters with our RaiderZ alpha key giveaway

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Perfect World Entertainment wants you to see the great outdoors—then slay the gigantic monsters that populate the world of RaiderZ. This MMO is fashioned after the wildly popular Monster Hunter series, and is definitely one we're keeping our eyes on. But why not play it while you keep tabs on its humongous baddies?

Champion Roundtable: Fiora, the Grand Duelist

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En garde! The newest team-carrying melee DPS to join the League of Legends roster is Fiora, the French sword swinger. Josh, Lucas, and Hollander Cooper sit down at the Champion Roundtable to decide if this seductive saber-wielder is all she's cracked up to be. If you're still on the fence about this female fencer, you've come to the right place.

You can (and should) download League of Legends for free on the game's official site.

Champion Roundtable: Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

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League of Legends' latest champion is a massive water-logged diver, who looks more than a little like one of Andrew Ryan's creations. Lucas, Gavin, and Hollander Cooper discuss his tidal highs and lows in the latest Champion Roundtable, assessing whether or not this seaworthy tanky-jungler is worth the ticket of admission. One thing's for certain: toss him in a lane with Annie, and you'll be having flashbacks to the dystopian Rapture all game long.

As always, you can download League of Legends for free on the game's official site.

Never Alt-Tab again with the free GamesRadar Cheats and Guides app

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If you're stuck in your favourite game you're faced with a choice. You can quit your game to get hold of a walkthrough online, or Alt-Tab and risk your game crashing horribly as you search for answers. iPhone, iPod and iPad owners now have a third option in the form of the GamesRadar Cheats and Guides app, which gives you access to GamesRadar's vast library of cheats, tips and walkthroughs on the move.

You can get hold of the app from the Apple iTunes store for the impressive price of absolutely nothing.