Take on colossal monsters with our RaiderZ alpha key giveaway


Perfect World Entertainment wants you to see the great outdoors—then slay the gigantic monsters that populate the world of RaiderZ. This MMO is fashioned after the wildly popular Monster Hunter series, and is definitely one we're keeping our eyes on. But why not play it while you keep tabs on its humongous baddies?

The RaiderZ alpha key comes with a few great perks:

  • Guaranteed Alpha access
  • Guaranteed Closed Beta access
  • An exclusive armored wolf mount

You'll also get to try out the new Defender fighting style. The shield-wielding method of anti-evil features well-rounded skills allowing for increased monster dicing with a sword or more vitality and defense with a skull-crushing mace. His skills include Strike of Gale, an uppercut that lowers enemy defenses, and Shield Rush, a counter-attack that stuns and immobilizes all sorts of giant-bad things. So what are you waiting for? These monsters aren't going to kill themselves.

To deliver the codes (while they last), we've teamed up with our pals at GamesRadar. Head over to our shared giveaway page and log into (or create) a GamesRadar account–which quite honestly takes as much time as you just spent reading this sentence. Follow the instructions there, and you'll be well on your way towards tackling monsters that are roughly five stories tall.


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