Never Alt-Tab again with the free GamesRadar Cheats and Guides app

GamesRadar app

If you're stuck in your favourite game you're faced with a choice. You can quit your game to get hold of a walkthrough online, or Alt-Tab and risk your game crashing horribly as you search for answers. iPhone, iPod and iPad owners now have a third option in the form of the GamesRadar Cheats and Guides app, which gives you access to GamesRadar's vast library of cheats, tips and walkthroughs on the move.

You can get hold of the app from the Apple iTunes store for the impressive price of absolutely nothing.

The app puts the 60,000 cheats, guides and walkthroughs on GamesRadar right into your hand. It's not just for the PC, either, the library contains cheats and walkthroughs for console games as well, with guides for 8,600 games dating from Playstation era classics to the most recent releases. There's also a favourites feature that lets you select your most used cheats and guides so that you can return to them faster, and stay in the game longer.

Tom Senior

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