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Battlefield 3: End Game features serenely floating Battlefield 2142 Easter egg

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Just as DICE adores filling Battlefield 3's battlefields with the bangs and bullets befitting its Frostbite 2 engine, it also loves sprinkling craftily hidden Easter eggs as nods to other games it's worked on. The futuristic, fan-favorite Battlefield 2142 previously left some graffiti on a shipping crate on the Wake Island map, but the impending End Game add-on includes something a little less subtle. Thanks to explorer KingEmperorPure (via Gameranx), a video shows the Kharg Island location of a cutely shrunken and silently floating 2142 dropship stickered with a faction logo.

Far Cry 3 mod makes Minecraft even more awesome

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In a crossover that's almost as weirdly amazing as Archie meeting The Punisher, Ubisoft has announced the creation of a map and texture pack for Minecraft inspired by Far Cry 3. Modded by Michael Lambert (Sacr3, creator of Newcraft City), a well-known Minecraft enthusiast, with artists Axel Janssen and Yohann Delcourt responsible for the textures, the add-on pack will be released for free via the official Far Cry website on October 26.

How to unlock Heroes in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Using certain soldier names in XCOM: Enemy Unknown will activate XCOM Heroes - pre-designed super soldiers such as Sid Meier and Ken Levine. Before activating a Hero, a pop-up will warn you that they're too damn amazing to allow you to continue the game with achievements turned on, and you cannot modify a Hero character after summoning it. If you decide to use one, do avoid killing him with some bull-headed tactical screw-up -- we'd kind of like BioShock Infinite to be finished.

How to find Borderlands 2's Minecraft Easter egg

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You've probably heard about this already, but if you're trying to avoid any and all Borderlands 2 spoilers, look at another post. There are lots of other posts to look at, but this is the only one that shows you the game's brilliant Minecraft homage. After the intrepid explorers at G4 posted directions to the area, Game Front followed up with a video of what's inside: blocks to hack into pixel dust, a Creeper to kill, and a previously-teased Minecraft-themed character skin.

Max Payne 3 classic skins are hilarious, Captain Baseball Bat Boy cartoon is awesome

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We still have a couple weeks to wait before Max Payne 3 is spilling whiskey all over our keyboards, but while we’re busy fighting a demonic horde of server errors, analog stick soldiers are getting drunk on bullet time right now. Making us even more jealous, our friends over at GamesRadar have sliced together a video showcasing a couple of great throwback Easter eggs: Max Payne 1 and 2 skins, and a complete Captain Baseball Bat Boy cartoon. See the magic above.